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  1. Help Me

From the album Oasis Motel

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Help Me

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her eyes are heavy with the lines that she has drawn upon them
but she sees more than she will admit
she's been drinking all night so she won't remember
but all she can do is not forget

she buys her time with all the lies that they desire
so she's seeming kind of apropos and fit
she knows the shadow's taking over far too early
and she can't outrun it inside her head

she cries, help me outrun it inside my head

astronomy she studied at the university
and of the stars she knows all there is to know
she can find every constellation even when the city lights
obscure the view from far below
she cries, "if i could dissolve this human body,
i would throw myself up into the sky
cause somewhere inside my body burns the brightest light
that would illuminate the darkest night

she cries, help me outrun it inside my head