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  1. Hey Hey

From the album Oasis Motel

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Hey Hey

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hey hey - what's your name?
have i seen you before a few times?
will you walk me home?
i live nearby - i've gotta get up early, but i've got all night

hey hey, do i seem bold?
well i don't want to lose a good opportunity
you might have been lost and this is the only time you walk down my street

hey hey just call me
don't play a game
look at me
is that so strange?

if i don't come to the door when intuition's knocking
i don't know when she'll come again
i don't wanna miss the last train tonight
it's cold and i don't like walking in the rain

hey hey - chorus

i will lay myself bare before you
i'm tired of being safe
cause i've nothing you couldn't take

hey hey - chorus