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  1. As I Lay Dying

From the album SOUND

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As I Lay Dying

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Artist - Julia Othmer
Song - As I Lay Dying
Album - SOUND

Lyrics by Julia Othmer
Music by Julia Othmer & James T Lundie

Produced, recorded, engineered, arranged, mixed and mastered by James T Lundie @ Frickin Awesome Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Vocals, piano, Rhodes, pianorgan, accordion, tambourine, shakers, piano strings, foot stomps and hand claps - Julia Othmer.

Almost everything else including guitar, slide guitar, bass, charango, ukulele, synthesizers, organ, tambourine, shakers, programming, hand claps and foot stomps - James T Lundie.


as I lay dying what will I see
will I see pastures promised to be green
will I see blue skies falling into the sea
will I see you coming for me

as I lay dying what will I hear
will I hear voices of those I love and hold dear
will I hear echoes of forgotten years
will I hear you calling for me

as I lay dying what will I feel
will I feel the haunting of untended dreams
will I feel the burning of a wound unhealed
will I feel you coming for me

I’m holding sunlight in my hands
breathing perfume on the wind
is it madness
is it fear
all these questions of the end
heaven is here and now
if we make our own eden
I’m letting loose the reins
come on, hear your angels sing
though I know the song will end
I will sing on

as I lay dying who will I be
I will be full of thunder and lightning
I will have loved this life as life loved me
I will find you coming for me
I will feel you coming for me